Thursday, August 4, 2022

The Naming of a Fictional Science

If you want magical items that feel scientific, you need a branch of science for them to belong to.  You're not going to fool anyone into thinking a weather control device is scientific unless you've got a university degree in physiodetics or a couple of textbooks in geophotodynamics or some other fictional branch of science.

And a fictional branch of science needs a proper name.

Roll for a Prefix and a Suffix.  You might need to add an -o- between them to make it sound right: hydr- + -sophy = hydrosophy.

If you roll a 19 or 20 for the suffix, the name becomes longer.  Roll again for both, but keep the prefix you already rolled at the beginning: geomechanoscopy, phylochemidetics, etc.

New Science (d20)
1 aer- “air” -(c)ism / -(t)ics
2 aether- “space” -analysis “investigation”
3 astr- “star” -detics “categorization”
4 chemi(c)- “substance” -dynamics “power”
5 erg- “work” -geny “origin”
6 geo- “earth” -gnosy “knowledge”
7 helio- “sun” -history “inquiry”
8 hydr- “water” -istry “practice”
9 magnet- “magnet” -logy “science”
10 mechan- “machine” -mancy “divination”
11 metall- “metal” -matics “information”
12 morph- “form” -metry “measure”
13 natur- “nature” -morphy “form”
14 opt- “sight” -nomy “rules”
15 phot- “light” -physics “nature”
16 phyl- “category” -scopy “viewing”
17 physio- “nature” -sophy “wisdom”
18 prot- “first” -urgy “work”
19 rheo- “flow” Roll again for both and add the prefix you already rolled.
20 tele- “distance”

Some of these are already scientific disciplines, of course: astronomy, metallurgy, telescopy, etc.  But if you stumble across an obscure name that happens to be in use in the real world, feel free to redefine it for your own use.

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