Saturday, June 23, 2018

Signs in the Wilderness

Welcome, readers!

I've been working on a roleplaying game setting called Signs in the Wilderness, a 1700s post-apocalyptic hopeful frontier fantasy world.  That's a mouthful.
  • The tech is 1700s-ish: great sailing ships, flintlock muskets, telescopes, hot air balloons.
  • It's post-apocalyptic: the old world was swept away by a cataclysm, leaving ruins and changed societies in its wake.
  • And yet, it's hopeful: not a grim, gritty post-apocalyptic world of survivors picking through the ruins.  This is the world of their children and grandchildren, the ones who grew up in the new world, knowing nothing but stories of the old.  Great opportunities are out there, a fortune for those who can take it.
  • The frontier is where the action is, the meeting of cultures and eras, where old meets new, where one civilization meets another.  It's a world of wilderness that no one truly knows from end to end.
  • It's a fantasy setting, with intelligent species, strange creatures, and possibly a bit of magic behind the scenes.

Haida paddling in dugout canoe confront a large Spanish sailing ship on the open sea.
The Haida meet the Spanish.  (Mark Myers)

If that sounds interesting to you, stick around.  Let's see where this story goes.

(Follow along on Reddit at r/SignsInTheWilderness.)


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    1. In this context, probably "roleplaying game focused on developing an interesting story".

      Now that I think about it, I didn't use the term "roleplaying game" anywhere in this entire post...

  2. Just found this. What a fascinating idea. I'll definitely be looking around here.