Saturday, June 22, 2019

Travel through the Wilderness, references

Looking for sources to run a wilderness game?

Here are some great blog posts I've been reading lately (some from better authors than me) full of procedure and inspiration for wilderness adventures:
  • Over at Detect Magic, read about how Hexcrawls are Canceled (because you can treat the wilderness like a dungeon) and a guide to Describing Terrain Features.
  • Monsters and Manuals has an example walk through a typical six-mile hex on the isle of Lindisfarne.
  • At DIY & Dragons, read about Signs that come before Encounters.
  • Read the Meager Country Manifesto over at Dreams and Fevers to get in the mood for writing up your own campaign's manifesto.
  • Unlawful Games presents a set of tables for rolling up a Barrier Island.  It's a good example of how specific types of landforms make for evocative locations.
  • Goblin Punch has a great article on River Crossings and how they interfere with travel. 
  • You might enjoy Papers and Pencils' entire series of posts on Overland Travel and Hex Crawls.


  1. Great and helpful post! Linking folks here again this week!

  2. I love those river fording rules. There's so much good stuff buried in the goblin punch archives so I'm thankful you brought this gem out to the light of day again.