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Towns of the human folk

Humans are one of the more dangerous and capable species you might find in the wilderness.  Here are some tables to find out what a human settlement is like.

First you need to know what kind of humans these are.  If you don't know the tribe they're from, roll up a new one.

Signs of settlement

Human activity isn't confined to town.  As you approach the settlement (within about a mile or less) you're likely to come across signs of its presence.

Signs of settlement (d6)
1smokeThin columns of smoke can be seen in the distance.
2trailsA narrow trail, trampled by years of use, leads to the town.
3gathered plantsTrees have been cut down, branches gathered, reeds cut, sod cut from the ground.
4burned areasIntentionally-set fire has swept through this area in the last few months, clearing away undergrowth.
5soundsSounds can be heard from the town while it is still out of view: people talking, dogs barking, singing, chopping down trees.
6challengeThey notice you first and send someone out to you.

Attitude towards outsiders

Humans aren't usually friendly to outsiders who show up unannounced.  Roll to see how they respond to your visit.

Attitude (d10)
1ambushThey ambush intruders, attempting to kill them.
2-3hostileOutsiders are driven away by a loud and ferocious show of arms.
4-5waryThe leaders want to speak with outsiders and encourage them to leave as soon as possible.
6-7tradeThey try hard to sell things to anyone who visits: something they produce or trade for.
8theftOutsiders are robbed (possibly after being invited to spend the night) then thrown out.
9-10invitingVisitors are invited to stay in the leader's home.

The town itself

The traditional houses and food of this tribe may suggest a certain kind of location, or you can roll randomly on the table below.  Even if the other people of their tribe typically live a certain way, the people of this settlement might have a different kind of home or way of getting food, especially if they've picked them up from a neighboring tribe.

Site (d12)
1-3on the shore or on the banks of a stream/river
4-6on the sloping side of a hill
7-9at the highest point around
10-11on a small isle in a lake
12on stilts over water

Most towns are fortified in some way for defense.  (Add 3 to the roll if this is a farming town, subtract 3 if these people live in very simple/temporary houses.)  If the result can't possibly work with this site or their type of houses, roll again.

Fortifications (d20)
≤2well hidden amongst the trees
3-5no attempt at fortification
6-7simple fence
8-11sturdy wooden palisade
12-16ditch (roll again to see what's behind the ditch), filled with (d4) 1-2: nothing, 3, sharp wooden spikes, 4, water
17-18raised earthworks around the town, with a (d6) 1-2 palisade on top, 3-4 steep stone outer face, 5-6 palisade and stone face
≥19town is built on a raised earthen mound (roll again to see how the mound is defended)

Roll up a random human town of your own:

random human town

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